Calhoun Liberty Hospital

Patient Financial Services

The Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Business Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm CST to assist you with your financial needs.

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital and its staff are dedicated to serving the community’s healthcare needs.

As a not-for-profit hospital we provide emergent services and most medically necessary services regardless of financial status or the patient’s ability to pay.

Payment on accounts will be pursued consistently, without discrimination.

“You may follow the links below to review available discounts, policies and procedures.

Hospital Patients
Discounts offered to Non-Insured Patients off outstanding account balances
Discounts Offered to Emergency Room Non-Insured Patients

Clinic Patients
Payment Policy for Insured Patients of Calhoun-Liberty Primary Care Clinic
Payment Policy for Non-Insured Patients of Calhoun-Liberty Primary Care Clinic

Employee Discounts
Calhoun Liberty Hospital Employee Discounts
Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Insured Full-time Employees Account Write-offs

Collection Procedures
Bad Debt & Medicare Bad Debt Collection Policy

In the event a patient is unable to pay we offer financial assistance options.

Financial Assistance / Charity Care

How to Request Assistance:

Begin by obtaining a Financial Assistance Application from any of the following methods:

Complete and return the Financial Assistance Application with all the applicable documentation indicated (the most recent copies of your W-2, Tax Returns, Pay Stubs and Bank Statements) to the business office for review.

What to Expect:

Your application will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated to you. All information is confidential. Eligibility is calculated based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines and the indicators listed below.

  1. Family Size
  2. Income Guidelines
  3. Assets
  4. Expenses

See the Financial Assistance Policy links below for full details.
Please Note: The hospital and clinic have different policies and requirements.

Hospital Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Policy for Calhoun-Liberty Primary Care Clinic

If you have questions or need assistance completing the application please contact the hospital business office.

Financial Transparency

Standard Charges

A list of Calhoun-Liberty Hospital’s standard charges can be found in the link below.
Charge Master Listing

AHCA’s Florida Health Price Finder provides estimated payments for over 200 bundles of care, showing the payment information by each component of care. Health plan claims data are the source for the data on the pricing website.

Click here to access the Florida Health Price Finder

You can also view and compare hospital prices for certain services on the Florida Hospital Association’s Mission to Care website.

Visit for more information.

Personalized Estimate

You as a patient or prospective patient have the right to request a personalized estimate of charges from our hospital.  The estimate may be based upon the average payment received for the anticipated service bundle.

*** Click here to start your estimate. ***

*** If you would like to receive a detailed personalized estimate that takes into account your coordination of benefits, please contact the Business Office at (850) 237-3025.

Service Bundles

Service bundles are non-personalized estimates of costs that may be incurred for hospital services, and include all components of care, such as physician, ancillary and hospital payments. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided, and may be more or less than the estimates found on FloridaHealthPriceFinder.
For information on service bundles, please visit

Additional Practitioners or Service Providers

For charge estimates and billing questions, please contact the health care practitioners who may provide Emergency Department services, Inpatient services and Radiologist services to the you while in the hospital. These contracted physicians may or may not participate in the same insurance plans that Calhoun Liberty Hospital participates in. You may contact the respective physician group to verify if the practitioners accept your specific insurance or health maintenance organization (HMO).

Contact Information for health care practitioners or medial practice groups that may bill separately for services provided at Calhoun-Liberty Hospital:

For Hospitalist and Emergency Physician services:
Envision Physician Services
350 West Cedar Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone: 888.513.6044 Contact Page
Physicians participating in this group:

  • Dr. Garrett Chumney
  • Dr. Timothy Adamcryk
  • Dr. Misbah Farooqi
  • Dr. Kristen Nava
  • Dr. Alexander Vanderby
  • Dr. Rachel Vanderby
  • Dr. Mary Watson
  • Dr. John Griffin
  • Dr. Murray Baker
  • Dr. Mary Anania
  • Dr. Val Sheffield
  • Dr. Malvinder Ajit
  • Dr. Daniel Palm
  • Dr. Joseph Heflin
  • Dr. Emmanuel Tanglao

For Radiology Readings:
Radiology Associates of Florida, P.A.
2700 University Square Drive, Tampa, FL 33612
Billing inquiries: (888) 291-2731
Online form/email submission:
Pay your bill online at
Physicians participating in this group:

  • Anderson, Scott R MD
  • Bahij, Ghizlane Bouzghar MD
  • Baran, Gregg A MD
  • Bazzi, Hadi MD
  • Camacho, Marc A MD
  • Chheda, Hemant D MD
  • Engel, Chad MD
  • Espino-Maya, Marilin MD
  • Fabrega-Foster, Kelly MD
  • Feldman, John C MD
  • Foster, Travis MD
  • Germain, David MD
  • Gierbolini, JoAnn M MD
  • Guidi, Claude B MD
  • Harvey, Ryan MD
  • Harvey, Jasmin MD
  • Hazelton, Todd MD
  • Ivancsits, Douglas MD
  • Kedar, Rajendra P MD
  • Kumm, Todd MD
  • Le, Alexander MD
  • Lee, Juan MD
  • Lester, Katie Jo MD
  • Lichtenstein, Richard J MD
  • Maru, Ashley MD
  • Murtagh, Ryan MD
  • Nallamshetty, Leelakrishna MD
  • Pancholy, Ajay MD
  • Patel, Bharatkumar U MD
  • Picca, David A MD
  • Prakash, Neelesh S MD
  • Rao, Nisha MD
  • Rieumont, Mark MD
  • Rodriguez, Douglas MD
  • Tirnauer, Eric MD
  • Viana, Fernando MD
  • Wasserman, Jeffrey R DO
  • Zamore, Robert A MD

For Echocardiogram Readings:
Internal Medicine Associates
4318 5th Ave
Marianna, FL 32446
Phone: 850-526-5300
Fax: 850-526-5001
Physicians participating in this group:

  • Dr. Richard M. Christopher

Accepted Insurance Plans

The following is a list of websites for health insurers that Calhoun-Liberty Hospital is contracted with.

Please note that Calhoun-Liberty Hospital may not be included in all health plan product offerings.

If you do not see your insurance plan listed below you may call our business office at 850-237-3025 to see if we accept your plan.


BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida

Capital Health Plan



Clear Health Alliance

Covenant Hospice


Emerald Coast hospice


Humana Military


Florida Medicaid



Prime Health Services

Simply Healthcare


Sunshine Health

Three Rivers Provider Network


United Healthcare