Calhoun Liberty Hospital

Business Office

Billing Office and Registration Manager

Financial Transparency
The business office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST. For questions about your hospital bill or what we charge for services, call 850-674-5411 to speak with the Billing Department.

The Billing process
You’ll begin by providing us with any health insurance information you may have. As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance company directly, but you’ll still need to follow the payment process to make sure all parts of your bill have been covered or directly paid. Depending on the insurance you have, you might be asked to pay a specific co-payment or deductible, and you might be asked to pay a portion of the bill as your share of the total cost. If you are unable to pay your account in full, you may contact the billing office to set-up an individual payment plan. We also offer financial assistance to patients who meet the qualifications.

businessFinancial Assistance / Charity Care
How to Request Assistance

  1. Contact the hospital business office at the phone number listed on your bill.
  2. Complete the Financial Assistance Application.
  3. Return application with the most recent copies of your W-2, Tax Returns, Pay Stubs and Bank Statements to your clinic or hospital for review.
  4. What to ExpectYour application will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated to you. All information is confidential. Your eligibility is determined by:
    1. Family Size
    2. Income Guidelines
    3. Assets
    4. Expenses
  5. If you have questions or need assistance completing the application please contact the hospital business office.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Application

Discount Policies

Collection Procedures

Patients may receive a separate bill from other providers and those providers may or may not participate in the same health plans as Calhoun-Liberty Hospital.

Patients may contact their provider to determine the specific health plans participation.

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital is contracted with the following company for Radiology Readings:
Coastal Radiology Associates, LLC
722 Newman Road
PO Box 12065
New Bern, NC 28561
Phone: 252.633.5057
Fax: 252.633.0084
Billing department at 888-477-2676

The following is a list of websites for health insurers that Calhoun-Liberty Hospital is contracted with.

Please note that Calhoun-Liberty Hospital may not be included in all health plan product offerings.


BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida

Capital Health Plan



Clear Health Alliance

Covenant Hospice


Emerald Coast hospice


Humana Military


Florida Medicaid



Prime Health Services

Simply Healthcare


Sunshine Health

Three Rivers Provider Network


United Healthcare