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Construction Corner

Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment
Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Association, Inc.
Proposed Main Hospital Building Relocation
Blountstown, Calhoun County, Florida

Public Notice: PW-01287 PN 83619 (DR-4399)

New Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Facility

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital is building a brand-new facility which will provide expanded healthcare options and new jobs for Calhoun and Liberty County along with portions of Gulf and Jackson County. This multi-million-dollar capital investment is one of the largest economic development job retention and creation projects to be built in region’s history. The current facility located on NE Burns Avenue was significantly damaged in Hurricane Michael and is unable to be rebuilt to current codes and standards, requiring the new facility. The new facility will be located at 16257 State Road 71 in Blountstown, south of Highway 20. The construction of the new hospital is being funded with significant federal and state funding support including over $11 million from FEMA, $18.7 million from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), $1 million from Florida Department of Health, and an additional $4 million through two separate appropriations from the state legislature.

Hospital Features

The hospital campus will include a two-story, approximately 63,000 square foot facility and an additional 10,000 square foot adjacent service building with a larger parking area and more accessible helipad. The hospital will feature:

  • Twenty-five private beds for patients who require around-the-clock nursing care, including four beds with advanced bedside monitoring for patients requiring a higher level of care.
  • An updated Emergency Department, expanding the hospitals capability to manage more complex patients in a timely manner.
  • Imaging services often seen only in larger metropolitan hospitals that including Computerized Tomography (CT), Mammography, Ultrasound and Dexa Scan.
  • Rehabilitative services for both cardiac and pulmonary recovery along with expanded physical therapy services.
  • Respiratory therapy services with capability for both diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Infusion services for a variety of medical needs.

We are excited to announce that Land Clearing and Site Preparations have begun on the new site.

Funding Partners

Currently, the hospital has cleared federal environmental reviews that were required as a condition of the funding received to support the hospital and hopes to begin construction before the end of the year. The hospital is extremely grateful for the support and funding received from all its government partners including the:

  • Florida Legislature,
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management,
  • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity,
  • Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration,
  • Florida Department of Health,
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency,
  • U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, and
  • Apalachee Regional Planning Council.

Without their support, this important project would not be possible.

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