Calhoun Liberty Hospital


Calhoun Liberty Hospital was severely damaged during Hurricane Michael with parts of the building permanently closed, and we need your help to heal. The Florida legislature is currently in session and considering our request for funds to build a new facility.

Contact your state lawmakers using the form below to ask for their support.

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Copy and paste the following letter into the email form. For extra impact, add a personal story about what the hospital means to you and your family!

Sample Letter:

Dear (Sen/Rep) (Last Name),

I reside in your district and am writing to request support for Calhoun Liberty Hospital. The hospital was severely and permanently damaged by Hurricane Michael. You and your colleagues can help in two ways:

1. provide funding for Calhoun Liberty Hospital to build a new facility
2. adopt a budget that includes no new cuts to the Medicaid program

Lack of funding for the hospital would cause lasting harm to this area. CLH is crucial for following reasons:

• More than 100 jobs provided in one of Florida’s most under-served regions.
• More than 30,000 individuals from Calhoun, Gulf, Jackson and Liberty counties treated annually to receive lifesaving and life sustaining care.
• Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must have a local hospital as part of services offered which is crucial to their operational success.
Please help us heal!

(Your Name)