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Our hospital offers a wide array of radiological services to our patients.

CT Scans – Computerized Tomography, also known as a CT scan, combines a series of x-rays taken from many different angles with computer procession to produce a cross-sectional view of bones or soft tissues. These scans are used to help doctors treating patients who may have internal injuries. In addition, Calhoun Liberty Hospital now offers Low Dose Cancer Screenings. 

X-rays – This non-invasive procedure uses a low dose of radiation to produce images of the inside of your body. X-rays are a very safe and useful diagnostic tool.

Ultrasounds – Ultrasounds send high-frequency sound waves (inaudible to humans) through the body and produce pictures from the echoes of those waves. Ultrasounds are used to look at soft tissues within the body and can also be used to look at blood flow in arteries to find blockages. Ultrasounds are completely painless and use no dyes or radiation.

Mammograms- We get it… NO ONE loves getting a Mammogram. But screening is the smartest way to detect breast cancer earlier. So, it is important to make your mammography experience the best it can be. That is why Calhoun Liberty Hospital chose Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle 3D mammography with its exclusive comfort paddle this machine is built with insight into image quality and comfort!

Devon Donofrio

Director of Radiology Services