Calhoun Liberty Hospital


The Administrator is the Chief Executive Officer in charge of overseeing all day-to-day activities of the hospital and has numerous additional responsibilities. The Administrator communicates regularly with the Hospital Board, other healthcare organizations, government and regulatory agencies, professional service providers and the public.

The Controller is the Chief Financial Officer in charge of overseeing and preparing all financial statistics and reporting to the Hospital Board of Trustees. The Controller provides an annual financial report and is responsible for the preparation of departmental budgets as well the overall budget of the hospital. All hospital accounts are independently audited annually. CFO is responsible for the bi-weekly payroll to the hospital’s employees. This department handles disbursement of funds to annuities, medical spending accounts and cafeteria accounts for all employees. The General Accounting Department includes an accounts payable section that oversees weekly payments to vendors and suppliers for all products and services, including medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Payroll, Time and Attendance and Accounts Payable are overseen by this department.

The Chief Nursing Officer is in charge of overseeing delivery of nursing care at Calhoun Liberty Hospital emphasizes continuity, accountability, planning, education and support of patients and families. Our nurses provide, coordinate and evaluate health care in a multi-disciplinary approach. We encourage family participation in care and acknowledge the family’s expertise regarding the needs and concerns of the patient.

Nurses directly influence patient care outcomes as we respond to the diverse physiological, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of patients and their families. We strive to provide excellent nursing care to all individuals, regardless of their background, beliefs or ability to pay