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Request for Proposal – Construction

You are invited to bid on a General Contract, work for the construction of a new single story 8-Bed Critical Access Hospital at a new site in Blountstown, Florida for Calhoun Liberty Hospital Association, Inc. Additional work for the project includes the construction of the service building/central utility plant (CUP), helipad and site work. The construction of the hospital consists of approximately 49,959 square feet. All Bids must be on a lump sum basis; segregated Bids will not be accepted. The lowest responsible Bidder will be awarded the project.

All Bidders are to submit with Bid Package, a properly executed “Contractor’s Qualification Statement: AIA
Document A-305 which is to include a current financial statement, and experience, competence and performance report, and references from at least one prior project similar in size and scope, along with the name and phone number of a contact person on each of those projects.
This project is being partially funded by Florida Department of Commerce (Commerce) – CDBG-DR Funded Agreement M0032, as well as through multiple federal monies and grants, and must comply with specific federal laws outlined in the Project Manual, Section 000100 – Instruction to Bidders.

Calhoun Liberty Hospital Association, Inc. will receive sealed bids until 2:00 PM (Central Time) on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at the W.T. Neal Civic Center located at 17773 N.E. Pear Street, Blountstown, Florida 32424. Bids received after that time will not be accepted. Bids will be opened publicly and read aloud by a CRA representative at 2:01 PM of the same date.

Copies of the Bidding Documents may be examined at the Architect’s office by appointment. Contact Emily Winston at (850) 385-6153 or ewinston@craarchitects.com.

Clemons, Rutherford & Associates
2027 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, Florida
(850) 385-6153

General Contractors and Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Subcontractors may obtain electronic copies (PDF files) of the Bidding Documents from the Architect’s office in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders upon receipt of a non-refundable price of fifty dollars ($50.00). Contact Emily Winston at ewinston@craarchitects.com or (850) 385-6153.

A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held for General Contractors on Thursday, August 17, 2023, at 2:00 PM (Central
Time) at the W.T. Neal Civic Center located at 17773 N.E. Pear Street, Blountstown, Florida 32424. The Pre-Bid Conference may be attended in person or by the video conferencing platform, Teams Meeting (email Emily Winston at ewinston@craarchitects.com to receive video conference information). General Contractors’ prime subcontractors may also attend. Refer to Section 000251 – Pre-Bid Meeting. Subcontractors’ experience shall comply with Section 000100, 11.1.

All questions at the Pre-Bid Conference by General Contractors and Subcontractors shall be presented on the “Request for Clarification Form”. See Section 000100 – Instruction to Bidders. No questions will be answered at the Pre-Bid Meeting. Bid Security in amount of five percent (5%) of the Bid must accompany each Bid in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

A letter from a bonding company must accompany each bid, stating that the bidder is capable of obtaining all bonds and insurances required by the Construction Documents.

Calhoun Liberty Hospital Association, Inc. reserves the right to waive irregularities and to reject any and all Bids.

The Owner reserves the right to employ an ODP (Owner Direct Purchase) program for material purchases. This may be discussed with the successful bidder prior to contract execution.

Addendum to Request for Proposal-Disaster Recovery Administrative Services

October 6,2023

This and all future addendums will be posted on CalhounLibertyHospital.com

1. Page 5 states that, “Each submitter must complete and submit the Cost Proposal Form/Fee Schedule included herein”; however, the only form included with this RFP is the Cost Proposal Form. Can CLH please confirm that the only form Respondents must submit with their proposal is the Cost Proposal Form?

Yes ,the cost proposal is the only form necessary.

2. Can you please confirm the closing date for this RFP response is 1 p.m., central time, October 23rd, 2023, and not a December date in 2018?

The closing date is October 23, 2023.

3. 2. Also, will the hospital accept a USB drive electronic copy in place of the CD copy?

Yes a USB drive is acceptable.

4. Does the Calhoun Liberty Hospital Association (CLH) have active work the successful Bidder would be expected to complete upon contract award?


5. If there is active work, could CLH provide information about the related disasters, the number of damages, and the number of projects still open?

Yes there is active work for Hurricane Michael and 3 Projects for Covid 19

6. If there is no active work, could CLH clarify if this bid will result in a stand-by contract for future disasters?

7. It is for current recovery efforts with the ability to issue task orders for future recovery services.

8. Is there an incumbent for this work, and if so, who?

Hagerty Consulting service is currently under contract

9. Page 1 of the RFP states, “Please provide one (1) original, five (5) copies of the proposal, and one (1) CD with all the above information included…” Would Calhoun Liberty Hospital Association accept submittal via USB flash drive rather than CD?

Yes, Calhoun Liberty Hospital will accept a flash drive

10. Page 4 of the RFP asks that we include “Project Approach” within the Qualifications of the Firm section, yet there is also a separate “Technical Approach” to be included as its own section. Could CLH please clarify the differences in content to be included in each of these sections?

a. CLH is seeing a technical approach that demonstrates the proposers operational understanding of the scope of work.

b. the project approach may include parts of the technical approach however please include a sample schedule and timelines from a successful project or one in process.

11. Page 2 of the RFP states, “… submitter should indicate on their proposal the following: Date of Closing – 1 p.m. December 17, 2018…” Can CLH please confirm that we should be including 1 p.m. October 23, 2023 as the Date of Closing?

The closing date is October 23, 2023.

PDF for download: CLH.Request for Proposal