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Federal Policies

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital will receive $18.6 Million in HUD CDBG-DR funding and $11.4 Million in FEMA funding to help construct its new hospital facility. As a result, ten (10) total policies have been created to bring the hospital in alignment with subrecipient requirements.
For inquiries about AFWA, Citizen Participation & Complaints, Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Housing, or Section 504, please contact:

Christinia Jepsen
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The following table provides information on the ten policies developed for CLH as part of CDBG-DR activities

Policy Description
Acquisition & Relocation Policy Policy to ensure property is acquired in compliance with the Uniform Relocation Act. CLH only acquires property through voluntary acquisition.
Affirmative Action Program Policy to confirm that the hospital will not discriminate in employment, and take steps to contract with MWBE contractors and employ persons from protected classes, within CDBG projects, where feasible.
Anti-Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Policy (AFWA) Policy to prevent and allow reporting of fraud, waste, and unnecessary costs to the hospital.
Citizen Participation and Complaint Policy Policy to encourage citizen input, public meetings, and procedure for receiving and processing inquiries and complaints regarding CDBG projects.
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Policy to prevent discrimination against protected classes in all facets of employment (e.g. hiring, promotion, firing, etc.). Also includes an excessive force clause.
Fair Housing Policy Policy to further HUD’s central mission of fair housing. Includes educational activities to inform people in the service area about fair and accessible housing.
Financial Management Policies Policy to confirm that the hospital will strive to perform financial management activities which conform to 2 CFR 200.302.
Procurement Policy Policy to set standards for procurement by $$ threshold and type of service, as well as contract type, bonding, and contract provision guidelines.
Program Income Policy Policy to account for and report income from sale or rental of CDBG acquired property.
Section 3 Plan Policy to provide opportunities for employment and contracting to low income, public housing resident, and persons living nearby to a CDBG-funded project.
Section 504 Policy Policy to prevent discrimination in built environment and services against persons with disabilities.